Tayyeb World Foundation

Vice President for Science and Technology

Concluding a memorandum of cooperation in order to support the design, establishment and development of the Tayeb badge

Islamic Azad university

Signing a memorandum of cooperation in order to provide the infrastructure of the Azad University at the national level

Astan Qods Razavi

Structural support by establishing the Razavi Quality Institute in order to establish the Tayeb ecosystem


Signing a cooperation memorandum in order to evaluate and rank food products

Razavi Quality Institute

Structural, legal and financial support in order to develop the model and establish the ecosystem

Training Department of Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Khorasan Razavi

Memorandum of Understanding regarding the provision and exchange of educational, cultural, executive and consulting facilities and capacities

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Ferdowsi University

Memorandum of Understanding on knowledge exchange and platform building on technology creation and development

Food Science and Technology Research Institute

Support in the field of scientific development, customer network development and the establishment of a network of specialized assessor

Iranian Association of Management Consultants

Memorandum of Development and Assessor, Consulting Training, Ranking of Consulting Companies, Empowerment

Razavi University of Islamic Sciences

Memorandum of Understanding on scientific flow and holding specialized meetings and using the capacity of professors and elites

Healthy product network (SHAMS)

Signing a cooperation memorandum in order to rank the quality of healthy products

Tadbir Companies Group

Cooperation agreement regarding brokerage of Tayeb Organization model and participation in the field of creating IT infrastructure


Memorandum of Understanding on the Development of International Relations and Exhibition and Educational Activities

Aftab Gostar

Cooperation agreement regarding Tayeb product market and business development brokerage

Royay-e-Ayande Creative Cluster

Memorandum of Understanding for research, futures, documentary, educational and cinematic projects



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